Monday, October 20, 2008

Our first house

We saw this house and fell in love. It's a 1905 Victorian.

Jeremy is carrying me over the threshold.

Don't you love these colors? We had to change them!

Let the work begin!!

Dismantling the dining room

We lived in the kitchen during this time.

I love you, too!!

Linda, is it a little dusty?

The living room- original front door

After 5 months, this project is finished. Or is it? Anyway, Jeremy did most of the work- doesn't he look satisfied? Now, on to the next project! Never a dull moment in the Knowlton Nest.

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allthingsnew said...

Wow! It looks so similar to ours! You did it in only 5 months? That's incredible! I think it's going to take us a lot longer than that :) Can't wait until it's done though so we can get settled in...

Thanks for sharing this. It was fun to see someone else doing the same thing we are doing...and living through it ;)

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