Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Book Review: Food Triggers by Amber Lia


I love Jesus and I love food, but I want to love Jesus much more than I love food.  I'm triggered.  In her newest book, Food Triggers, Amber Lia addresses 31 triggers that plague our everyday lives whether external or internal.  She begins each chapter with a personal story and weaves a practical and spiritual lesson which ends with a heartfelt prayer.  I identified with so many of these triggers.  Amber says, "The spiritual tug-of-war to exchange unhealthy patterns with God-honoring habits is the ultimate food fight."  We do not have to struggle on our own.  Amber shares that these triggers are an opportunity for us to lean on our heavenly Father.  This is not only a physical transformation, but a spiritual transformation.  The heart of this author is to urge the reader to break those chains of food triggers and replace with God-honoring habits.  Are you ready for the journey?  


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